Republicans 'do not recall' Trump's alleged Africa slur

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Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.), which indicated that Trump had used the vulgarity.

A Republican senator who attended a White House meeting to discuss immigration shot down reports that President Trump used the term "shithole countries" to refer to Africa, Haiti and El Salvador, calling it a "gross misrepresentation".

The remarks leaked out, transforming a debate about saving from deportation some 700,000 young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children into another drama about Trump himself. They did not condemn or outright deny the comments.

Almost a year into Trump's presidency, members of Congress are still struggling to relate to the unorthodox Trump and his spontaneous, often crude remarks. Tom Cotton and David Perdue, said they "do not recall the President saying these comments specifically".

The tone of discussion had looked very different early on Thursday.

President Trump listens during a meeting Tuesday with lawmakers on immigration policy in the Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington.

Around 10:15 a.m., Trump returned Durbin's call and was told about the main elements of the deal.

Sen. Tim Scott has said Sen. "It's not the first time Senator Durbin has done it".

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Instead, Trump had also invited some of Congress' hard-line opponents of the bipartisan agreement being put together by the six-member working group led by Durbin and Graham. All Sen. Cotton did was expand the tactic to call one of his own Senate colleagues a liar.

Both Durbin and Graham were in the meeting.

"This is a hard world and it doesn't help to label people", Young said.

He also denied demanding that Haitians be removed from negotiations about protected status for people from certain countries. Trump said the USA should instead welcome more people from countries such as Norway. "And I was sitting no farther away from Donald Trump than Dick Durbin was, and I know what Dick Durbin has said about the president's repeated statements is incorrect".

Cotton said, "Sen. Durbin has misrepresented what happened in White House meetings before".

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, confirmed the remarks, saying Trump "said these hate-filled things and he said them repeatedly".

"The words used by the president, as related to me directly following the meeting by those in attendance, were not 'tough, ' they were abhorrent and repulsive", Flake tweeted.

Additionally, there are plenty who are outraged that President Trump would even suggest that America be picky about which immigrants are allowed to come to the United States, arguing that no country should be denigrated in such a manner.

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