Samsung, LG say don't slow phones like Apple

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Apple also said it would lower the price for iPhone battery replacements, and add new features to iOS to provide greater transparency into battery health.

According to a report from The Indian Express, Apple has confirmed that consumers in India can now replace the batteries at the "new reduced pricing". It'd be great for Apple to give users a way to decide for themselves whether they want to slow down the iPhone, or not.

Samsung and LG, two of the biggest smartphone manufacturers, on Saturday claimed that they do not slow their smartphones with old batteries like Apple.

Apple has announced that its discounted iPhone battery replacement program will go into effect immediately. Once could get their batteries replaced, and thanks to the latest announcement made by Apple, iPhone batteries can be replaced for as low as $29, $50 less than the original replacement price.

"We've been hearing feedback from our customers about the way we handle performance for iPhones with older batteries and how we have communicated that process".

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The corresponding algorithm is only in smartphones Apple, starting with iPhone 6 models, and, most important, it is not going to remove it.

After admitting to slowing down older iPhones, Apple subsequently apologized for the lack of transparency about the issue.

While Apple apologised, it never admitted a mistake. At least four similar lawsuits were filed in the U.S. against the company as well. In any case, we don't recommend you to perform the battery swap on your own as it might result in a dead iPhone. If you don't change the cell that powers your iPhone, the CPU on the handset will be throttled to prevent the weak battery from shutting down the entire device. Apple also promises a software update in early 2018 that will target the battery and its condition.

The company earlier blamed for issuing software updates to reduce the performance quality of older models and forcing users into purchasing the updated model. The offer, which cut the price of batteries' price from their normal $79, was originally slated to be offered beginning in January.