Surprise Democratic victor of Wisconsin special election is a school board member

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Likewise, Democratic gubernatorial candidate and state Rep. Dana Wachs of Eau Claire said the results show that voters are ready for a change.

This experience has led to the Democrats making a very grand comeback in the world of politics.

The race has been considered a litmus test throughout the state - and beyond - to gauge whether the special elections success experienced by Democrats elsewhere in the country would find its way to Wisconsin.

Patty Schachtner, the chief medical examiner in St. Croix County, beat state Representative Adam Jarchow by nine points just a little over a year after her Republican incumbent Sheila Harsdorf had held the seat with a 26-point re-election victory and President Donald Trump won district by 17 points over Hillary Clinton.

Though the flip does not alter control of the state's higher chamber, merely denting the Republican majority to 18-14, it could signal that Democratic electoral turnout in response to Trump's election may be larger than previously speculated.

"Washington and Wisconsin are two very different places", Walker reportedly said. One month earlier in Virginia, Democrats grabbed at least 15 Republican seats in the House of Delegates. And, several of the Democratic victories announced last November went to minorities, refugees, and LGBT individuals. No Democrat has held this state senate seat in almost two decades.

In fact, the issue of public education is front and center to Schachtner, and local issues were what helped her win the election, commentators said.

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2018 is not looking like it will be a good year for Republicans. If the next three years of Trump are anything like the first has been, they will have a very hard time climbing out of the hole he's digging them into. "Democrats are still winning Republican seats!"

Freitag said pouring money into races, especially if that generates more negative ads, might not be the ideal solution for Republicans nervous about the prospect of losing seats in the November 6 election.

Democrats aren't just running up the score in already-blue areas. Al Franken who recently resigned amid looming sexual assault allegations.

Many speculate the latest upset win might be a sign of a bigger trend heading into the 2018 midterms.

Walker argued both parties have worked together on legislation and says Wisconsinites should take a closer look at state efforts rather than what's happening in Washington. He could just be deliberately provoking them into attacking us to fulfill his plan.

It isn't exactly far-fetched that Trump would be desperate enough to rely on such a unsafe plan considering he has repeatedly made waves with other nations such as his ongoing feud with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un.