Trump administration budget may end support for International Space Station by 2025

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"NASA and the International Space Station partnership is committed to full scientific and technical research on the orbiting laboratory, as it is the foundation on which we will extend human presence deeper into space", NASA said in an emailed statement.

Trump is sending us back to the moon.

This will be the 206th spacewalk conducted by astronauts at the ISS. This would also hurt the commercial side of spaceflight.

Two other companies, Axiom, and Nanoracks, are planning commercial space stations.

We have to talk about the elephant in the room-or rather, the elephant in low-Earth orbit. Many of NASA's partners are not now signed on to continue supporting our space program past 2024 with the help of an Obama-era extension, and this budget proposal doesn't exactly encourage them to continue the relationship.

The official budget proposal will be released on February 12, and it will be reviewed by the Congress, who will have the final decision on the budget. If NASA pulls its support for the station, it is unclear how these global partners will respond regarding continued ISS operation.

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Another day, another Trump administration budget cut at the expense of American innovation. Whenever that day comes, the ISS will be pulled out of space and buried in the Pacific Ocean-it's too risky to leave the corpse up there, no matter how expensive that corpse was to build. However, they may not be ready to do this by 2024. "That will stop all money from the government going to the industry just as they are about to become self-sufficient". Bill Nelson, D-Florida [VIDEO]has declared that he will fight, which seems to be a default setting for the senator on every issue ranging from offshore drilling to the appointment of Jim Bridenstine as NASA administrator.

According to The Verge: "Nasa has been developing both a giant rocket, the Space Launch System, and a crew capsule, Orion, to take astronauts beyond lower Earth orbit".

The move lines up with Trump's efforts to move NASA funding away from global efforts and toward other space exploration projects, like building vehicles to explore deep space and returning American astronauts to the Moon.

It's also possible that this plan could have the opposite effect.

Trump signed an act previous year that compelled the agency to come up with alternative ways to fund ISS operations, as well as another directing the agency to prepare for a return to the Moon as a sort of test run for Mars.