Trump calls Bob Dole 'a true American hero'

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Former Sen. Bob Dole of Kansas was awarded the Congressional Medal of Freedom Wednesday in a ceremony at the Capitol, where leaders including President Trump praised his lifetime of service to the nation. Its obverse (heads) features a portrait of Senator Bob Dole with the U.S. Capitol Building in the background.

"He has never stopped earning his place in the pages of American history", Trump said.

Roberts said he and Jenkins began working on getting the necessary 100 signatures from all the US senators this past summer. Dole is responsible for a certain quotation that hounded me for many years: "'Apparently the most risky place in Washington is between Chuck Schumer and a camera, '" said the New York Democrat.

The former Kansas Senator was honored for being particularly instrumental in the commissioning of the World War II Veterans Memorial.

Dole served two terms as a Kansas congressman from 1961-1969; then went on to serve for his state in the Senate from 1969 to 1996.

"A ideal description of Bob Dole's extraordinary life", he said.

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House and Senate leaders will present former Republican Sen.

The vice president said Dole's decision to resign from his post as majority leader and from the Senate itself to allow him to focus on his campaign was a selfless act that allowed the Senate and Kansas to have fully committed leadership - and underscored the best of America.

Dole, 94, was the only former GOP presidential nominee to endorse Trump during his 2016 campaign. But Trump and the Republican-led Congress are now mired in a pitched budget battle that could end in a government shutdown at the end of the week if not resolved.

After leaving the Senate, Dole became more visible and busy than ever, as an author, political commentator, commercial spokesman, and television personality. "Thank you to Rep. Jenkins for her work in the House, and I look forward to him receiving this honor". "I am pleased the President quickly approved this legislation, and I look forward to the presentation of this elite award in the near future". He spent 35 years representing Kansas in Washington.

By then, he had begun collecting more of the nation's highest honors.

The ceremony to present the high honor to Dole attracted - in addition to Trump, Pence, and the top congressional leaders in both parties - an abundance of allies and adversaries from years past.