Apple updates HomePod support page, warns about marks on wood

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Staingate (as some people have made a decision to call it) was reported in Wirecutter's HomePod review today. At issue appears to be a silicone base that leaves marks when interacting with certain oils used to finish wood furniture. In a statement to Wirecutter, an Apple representative said that the "marks can improve over several days after the speaker is removed from the wood surface". The $499 gadget's silicon base can damage wooden surfaces, leaving behind an ugly stain. "To clear it, I had to sand the wood down and then re-oil it". "This seems like an issue that should have been caught during the period where HomePod was being widely tested at home by many Apple employees".

With a quick turnaround time, Pad & Quill is now offering a coaster for the HomePod, claiming "state of the art surface protection" for your wooden surfaces.

The defect was spotted by Wirecutter, which noticed that a white ring appeared after the HomePod was placed on an "oiled butcher-block countertop" and a wooden side table.

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The company suggests the marks can be remedied by wiping the wood down with a soft damp or dry cloth, but failing that, the surface will need to be cleaned or resurfaced. Because of this, Apple has updated its HomePod support page with the following information regarding the HomePod and wooden surfaces. If users want to create multiple timers using Apple's smart speaker, all they must do is create a set of reminders.

Ever since it was launched, one of the major issues with the smart speaker was that Siri was not "smart" enough, especially compared with the capabilities of the Amazon Echo's Alexa and the Google Home's Google Assistant. If so, it could take a toll on company's plan to surpass the less-expensive smart speakers for Google and Amazon that already got a head start in the niche market. I would be more pissed at the fact that Apple's advice is to "just refinish your furniture or place it on a different surface" At that point, I would spend less money for a product that wouldn't potentially permanently damage my furniture.