Empty your wallets: The Steam Lunar New Year sale has begun

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What do you think of the changes Valve has made to the Steam wishlist?

The Steam Lunar New Year sale started yesterday, and is offering some decent deals for the gamers here. This can be frustrating when trying to find items during a large Steam sale or to finding purchases at particular prices. But if there were games in the past year you didn't get because you were low on funds, now is the time to scoop them up at much lower prices. There's also the option to see the price of games that are below your Steam Wallet balance, $5, or $10.

With the latest Steam Sale kicking off, many users have noticed some differences in the storefront's Wishlist functionality.

Additionally, there are a now a couple of options created to help temporarily shrink your wishlist by hiding those games that you want to track but that you can't or don't want to buy just yet. You'll see popular tags that users have added to the game, whether it's in early access, the overall user review average, and supported operating systems.

Steam's Lunar New Year sale is supposed to kick off today
Valve revamps Steam Wishlists as it kicks off the Lunar New Year Sale

There's also the ability to add items to the cart directly from the wishlist, which cuts down on clicks.

Note: The combination of filters and sort-orders that you pick will automatically save and apply when you visit your Wishlist again in the future.

Finally, Valve has remedied one of the original Steam wishlist's more annoying omissions.

Valve rolled out a new update to Steam's wishlist functionality today, adding a bunch of new ways to advise the UI what you want to see. Tags have been added to the wishlist viewer for all games, and the search option now extends to these tags in addition to game titles.

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