Google brings Snapchat Stories to the web through its AMP scheme

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Google launched its open-source framework AMP in February 2016 to enable developers build a faster mobile browsing experience for customers. For now, Google says it's not monetizing AMP Stories but it's very well possible once it officially rolls out for everyone.

Google envisions developers using AMP in Gmail will embed widgets that constantly update, allowing users to interact with content without leaving their inbox. With more rich content, Google can theoretically deliver more details to its ad network and keep an eye on the activity of its users. AMP Stories are meant to be "bite-sized", visually engaging content constructed primarily of interactive photos and text.

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Breaking with previous guidance, Google does not intend for this type of AMP content to match your non-mobile content. 'Today, we're bringing the power of AMP to email through the Gmail Developer Preview of "AMP for Email,"' explains Gmail product manager Aakash Sahney in the company's announcement. The adoption of AMP Stories will, however, be a whole lot smaller than the regular AMP pages, and only major publications will be able to dedicate all the resources required to publish these visual stories in Search. Stories display in a carousel that can be tapped to immediately display the next item. As you can see from the photos below, tapping on the left third of the screen while in a Story will move you back while the other two-thirds will progress you forward. If you're a publisher and want to add the format, follow this link. Perhaps it's time for that meme to make a resurgence, because stories are headed to a new, rather high-profile place: Google's mobile search results. It remains to be seen whether the Google AMP stories advertising capabilities will be complete enough to warrant publishers embracing the format, but there are already some major companies that are willing to give it a try. Today, Google announced an extension of the AMP program to include another popular communications medium. You can search for them from Google's homepage and they'll show up in results from major publishers.