Humble Ubisoft sale live Assassin's Creed Origins, Ghost Recon and more

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It makes sense, given that the levelling system is ribbed from many other action RPGs with new game plus - Witcher 3, Dark Souls etc. - allowing players to scale up their power and skill in step with tougher enemies. A community manager responded with a definitive statement that said "New Game + is coming" and that more information would be provided on the feature soon.

Ubisoft has released the launch trailer for Assassin's Creed Origins: The Hidden Ones DLC.

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The mode has been heavily requested by fans since the game's release, and it looks like Ubisoft has been listening. "Players will witness the Roman occupation as they discover many well-guarded Roman military camps, harbors, and construction sites where Roman are taking apart Egyptian monuments". The upcoming expansion will add new areas, new enemies to fight and more. More information will be shared soon, according to that post. That update includes new weapons, outfits, mounts and a higher level cap, as well as new story stuff to play through. In my opinion, the wait for it is going to be a bit bigger considering the fact that Ubisoft is now busy in releasing the free updates and premium DLC content for Assassin's Creed Origins.