Iran Accuses US of "Shamelessly Threatening" Russia with Nuclear Weapons

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"That's why we need to start new initiatives in Europe for arms control and disarmament", Gabriel said in a statement, adding that developing new weapons sent the wrong message and risked triggering an arms race.

Washington also "arbitrarily converted" some underground missile launch sites into training facilities, which wasn't spelled out in the treaty, the ministry said.

What exactly is the new USA policy?

Tehran accused Washington of flexing its muscles and threatening Russian Federation with new atomic weapons after the Trump administration published a document suggesting an antagonistic stance against Moscow over nuclear proliferation.

But those twin objectives appear distant, and President Donald Trump has little room for maneuver with Moscow as he grapples with allegations his campaign may have colluded with the Kremlin to get him elected.

"This is a response to Russian expansion of their capability and the nature of their strategy and doctrine", Defense Secretary Jim Mattis wrote.

The new USA posture focuses heavily on what the administration sees as an overdue modernization of the nuclear arsenal, the laboratories and plants that support the arsenal, and the far-flung communications and early warning systems that enable the Pentagon to command and control the weapons.

Russian Federation is questioning US compliance with the treaty, whose limitations on long-range nuclear weapons took effect Monday.

"President Trump's Nuclear Posture Review is deeply troubling and is a risky departure from past reviews".

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German foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel said the USA decision showed "the spiral of a new nuclear arms race is already under way" and added that Europe was, much like during the cold war, especially vulnerable.

"Signs that Russian Federation is re-arming, not only conventionally but with nuclear weapons, are obvious", Gabriel said. Priority should be given to hindering North Korea's nuclear development and reducing Russian and Chinese threats.

"The biggest difference relates to the supposed role of nuclear weapons in American military strategy", Michael Klare, an expert at the Arms Control Association, told Xinhua.

"This is a response to Russian expansion of their capability and the nature of their strategy and doctrine", Defense Secretary Jim Mattis wrote in the 75-page summary of the review, which also highlights the US concerns about North Korea, Iran, and China.

"There is no evidence that nuclear weapons are becoming more prominent in China's military strategy or that China has changed its longstanding no-first-use policy", Kulacki said.

"Importantly, it reaffirms our commitment to arms control and nuclear non-proliferation, maintains the moratorium on nuclear testing, and commits to improving efforts to prevent, detect, and respond to nuclear terrorism".

"The idea that you can have a battlefield nuclear weapon is very attractive to generals who want to win battles, but they are not going to win a war", he added.

Eighteen Democratic senators also came out against what has been called a "bloody nose" strike against North Korea. What we in this part of the world are now concerned with is North Korea, which seems to be openly challenging the US.