Iranian Diplomat, Syrian Dissidents Meet in Sochi

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According to Russia's special envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentyev, participants of the congress agreed on a list of 150 candidacies for the constitutional committee.

He emphasized that the achievement at Sochi will be a contribution to the UN-led Geneva process for Syria.

The Russian-brokered Sochi "peace conference" on Syria dubbed as the Syrian Congress of National Dialogue held on Tuesday was off to a disappointing start and ended with modest results if any. UN Special Envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, was present. The proposal was eventually by Iran and Turkey, guarantors of the Syrian peace process along with Russian Federation.

But the main opposition group, which boycotted the conference, is likely to oppose the outcome as the process of choosing the members favors the Syrian government.

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Representatives from various countries and worldwide organizations were also invited as observers of the congress. Russia, Iran and Turkey, guarantors of a Syrian cease-fire regime, were organizers of the congress.

During the congress, a group of representatives from the armed Syrian opposition refused to exit the airport in Sochi arguing that they were "offended by the presence of the Syrian state's flag and emblem".

"Iranian forces entered Syria at the request of the Syrian government in order to help the Syrian government in the battle against terrorism", said Jaberi Ansari, who was leading the Iranian delegation to Sochi.

"Still the agreements they reach are much more stable, durable and reliable than the ones the like-minded nations adopt at selective meetings instead of the Syrian people", Lavrov said.