Logan Paul: YouTube suspends star's adverts over 'potentially damaging' videos

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The Google-owned platform has announced that it is temporarily suspending adverts on Logan Paul's various channels, citing Logan Paul's "recent pattern of behavior" as the reason behind this decision.

In a video posted one day after his re-emergence, Paul yells that "no rat comes into my house without getting Tased" before firing a stun gun into two dead rats on his patio.

DISGRACED YouTube star Logan Paul has caused fresh anger after tasering a RAT in a video and encouraging viewers to carry out the unsafe Tide Pod challenge - leading YouTube to suspend adverts on his page. YouTube says that they suspended the advertising because Logan Paul's behavior could be "damaging to the broader creator community".

YouTube is hitting controversial creator Logan Paul where it hurts, by putting a dent in his estimated $40,000-$700,000 a month of ad revenue. A YouTube representative told Polygon it wasn't a decision the company made lightly, but YouTube believes his entire channel is unsuitable for advertisers.

Paul tasered a dead rat in one of his first posts back (5 minutes in) on February 5-a video that did feature ads. In some of his latest videos, Paul has tasered a rat, suggested that swallowing Tide Pods is a good idea, and attempted to monetize videos which clearly broke YouTube's advertising friendly guidelines.

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Paul eventually issued an apology on Twitter and later issued a video apology for the incident. The company later removed Paul from its lucrative Google Preferred platform, which gives advertisers easy access to the most popular YouTubers, and suspended his content deals with paid streaming service YouTube Red.

Since returning to the site, Logan's posted more videos which some people aren't happy with.

However, it's now unknown how much this move will affect the YouTuber.

Paul later apologised for the clip, which was viewed more than a million times before it was taken down, saying it was "wrong" and "misguided". The youtuber didn't appear noticeably humbler than ever before his hiatus.

This marks the second time YouTube has taken what amounts to economic sanctions against Paul. It will also reserve the right to stop recommending a channel's videos across its network if the channel is seen as harmful to the YouTube community.