'No road left' on North Korea issue, Trump says

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But his embrace of North Korean defectors could enrage the regime as much as any verbal barbs.

That Trump's speech recognized human rights violations in North Korea, using Ji Seong-ho as an example, "will be meaningful to the people of North Korea", Ji said. He also told the North Korean leader that "military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded".

"We face rogue regimes, terrorist groups and rivals like China and Russian Federation", he said, but what about North Korea?

"I was moved to tears", Ji told Voice of America's Korean service.

"We will make every effort to improve inter-Korean relations in future, too, but never sit idle with regard to sinister acts of throwing a wet blanket over our efforts", North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho said in a letter to the United Nations Thursday.

"If feels incredible [that they are coming]", said Choi So Eun, a college student who volunteered for translation and other work during the Olympics, after taking a selfie with a fellow volunteer under a North Korean flag at the Gangneung athletes' village.

"We may start it", he said. Numerous victims were urban residents unable to forage for sustenance. "At the current stage, we are focusing on resolving (the North Korea issue) peacefully". "It ran me over".

"Such will be North Korea's fate", he said. Ji also escaped the so-called "Hermit Kingdom" via a long journey across Asia on his crutches. "I was very honored to become a United States citizen" a year ago, he told Trump.

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But a decade later, he managed to escape, making the journey across the Tumen River into China and eventually all the way down to the south of the country and across into Laos and then Thailand.

"Every step of the escape is hard and risky - hiking mountains, changing methods of transportation and crossing borders", Ji said when two Washington Post reporters accompanied him on a rescue mission to Thailand.

The visit was arranged by Greg Scarlatoiu at the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea, a person familiar with the meeting said. South Korean pop music and dramas have become popular among North Korea's elite, but to truly weaponize the trend, the right information needs to get in.

In Seoul, Ji founded and now serves as the president for activist group "Now, Action and Unity for Human Rights". He's concerned about China's crackdown on North Korean defectors.

"We're going to find out how it goes", Trump said.

Images from the USA nuclear posture review, a report on America's nuclear capabilities, started to circulate online this week.

The second major flaw in the argument is that what is portrayed as limited in Washington, and among some armchair strategists supporting this course, will inevitably be seen in Pyongyang as a major assault on North Korean territory and its prized strategic assets.