Norwegian Olympic team accidentally orders 15000 eggs

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Hopefully the athletes representing Norway at the Winter Olympics like eggs.

Norwegian chef Stale Johansen meant to place an order for 1,500 eggs to feed his country's Olympians at the Pyeongchang Games.

The chefs were allowed to return the 13,500 surplus in eggs, though the 1,500 remaining will still make for a steady stream of dishes in which eggs are a central ingredient.

Google Translate can sometimes get scrambled, as the chefs for the Norwegian Winter Olympics team learned the hard way this week.

"They said themselves that it was a Google Translate slip", Lea said.

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The error was only uncovered when a delivery truck arrived, and the stacks of eggs just kept piling up in the kitchen.

Norway are hoping for at least 30 medals in these games.

The chefs, who are in charge of preparing meals for the 109-strong Norwegian contingent, intended needed 1500, but were delivered 13500 extra. Excellent sources of both of those nutrients, widely consumed by athletes, happen to be eggs. "It's not a big issue".

"They will probably use them I guess and I don't know, maybe the people that supplied us with them will take them back I don't know". And Chef Ståle Johansen still promises all kinds of egg-based treats for his athletes, including, as he told Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, "sugar bread made for medal winners".