Prostate cancer overtakes breast cancer to become the third biggest cancer killer

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She said that cardiologists should also be involved to help protect women's hearts before, during, and after breast cancer treatments.

Patients who used the interactive tool were also more likely to say they felt prepared to make a treatment decision (50 per cent), compared to those who viewed static material (33 per cent).

LeBaron, who was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy after completing her cancer treatment and in later years found her left ventricle pumping capacity was 25 percent or less, said she was told her heart damage was due to the treatments.

Identifying at-risk patients is crucial. According to the charity, this is because breast cancer is the subject of much more research and investment.

The publication explores the shared risk factors for breast cancer and cardiovascular disease and the cardiotoxic effects of breast cancer treatments. For some patients, however, heart damage may be permanent. Delivery methods, such as doxorubicin as an intravenous infusion instead of a bolus dose, or liposomal formulations of doxorubicin compared to standard preparations, may preserve the efficacy of therapy while reducing the incidence of cardiotoxicity.

But Dr. Pina and the AHA said that women should not stop their cancer treatments.

Although there are an estimated 47.8 million women in the USA who are living with cardiovascular diseases and approximately 3 million breast cancer survivors, many people regard breast cancer as the primary threat to women's health.

"If they are aware of it, then they should definitely encourage their dad, or uncle or brother to talk about it and go and see a doctor if there's a problem".

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The AHA further notes that administering some chemotherapy treatments such as doxorubicin in new ways could yield better results and lower heart disease risks based on some small studies.

Prostate cancer killed 11,819 men in the United Kingdom in 2015.

It means prostate cancer now ranks behind only lung and bowel cancer as the leading cause of death. Doxorubicin is a chemotherapy drug used in breast cancer therapy that can lead to the damage of heart cells.

Mehta advises following the American Heart Association's' Life's Simple 7 to lower the risk of breast cancer.

Otis Brawley, chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society and a longtime critic of overtreating breast cancer, said the report is a reminder to oncologists that side effects of cancer treatments can do real harm to patients. In some cases, the reduction in heart function is temporary and cessation of the treatment and/or the addition of heart medicines can improve function.

Other treatments, such as radiation, can affect the heart arteries and cause the development of coronary artery disease or blockages. The fact that these diseases share some risk factors suggests that there are lifestyle choices, primarily diet and exercise, that could help decrease the risks of developing both diseases.

There are certain medications individuals can take to preventively combat their risk of both CVD and breast cancer, the authors wrote.

Neelima Denduluri, a medical oncologist in Arlington, Virginia, said that increasingly doctors are tailoring treatments to the individual and that doctors don't have to choose between life-saving cancer therapies and cardio health.