Reuters Publishes Story Of Myanmar Massacre After 2 Journalists Arrested

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Asked about the evidence Reuters had uncovered about the massacre, Myanmar government spokesman Zaw Htay said on Thursday, before publication of the report: "We are not denying the allegations about violations of human rights".

"When Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo were first arrested, our primary focus was on their safety".

Now the world can see the results of their work in "Massacre in Myanmar", the story published by Reuters overnight.

A Reuters investigation into the killing of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar has prompted demands from the US State Department for a credible investigation into the bloodshed there and calls for the release of two journalists who were arrested while working on the report. In a single month, more than 6,700 Rohingya Muslims were killed in Rakhine state, where the conflict erupted, according to Doctors Without Borders. According to NPR's Jason Beaubien, the conditions in most of these refugee camps are "dire".

Reuter's report is in line with AP's report and describes in graphic, disturbing detail the account of atrocities in the Myanmar massacre.

The Reuters report drew on interviews with Buddhists who confessed to torching Rohingya homes, burying bodies and killing Muslims in what they said was a frenzy of violence triggered when Rohingya insurgents attacked security posts last August.

At least 688,000 Rohingyas have fled Myanmar's Rakhine state to Bangladesh since the Myanmar military launched an offensive in response to rebel attacks on government outposts on August 25 past year.

Reuters Publishes Story Of Myanmar Massacre After 2 Journalists Arrested
Reuters Publishes Story Of Myanmar Massacre After 2 Journalists Arrested

Reuters reporters said members of the paramilitary police gave insider descriptions of the operation to drive out the Rohingya from Inn Din and confirmed that the military played the lead role in the Myanmar massacre.

In November 2017, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson characterized Myanmar security forces' treatment of the Rohingya as ethnic cleansing.

The story also includes photographs of the mass grave site that were taken by Wa Lone.

The PM also brought to the notice of the British foreign secretary the Wednesday's attack on the Bangladesh High Commission in London.

Coordinating Minister for Security, Law and Political Affairs Wiranto said Indonesia will help Myanmar in coping with possible emergence of terrorism in that country.

Almost 690,000 Rohingya Muslims crossed the border into Bangladesh after Myanmar army launched a crackdown against Muslim insurgents in northern Rakhine state on August 25.

That does not match any account of the killings that Reuters heard from paramilitary forces or local villagers.

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