Spanish police stops vehicle with four tonnes of stolen oranges

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The Spanish police were involved in a auto chase that lead them to discover over 4 tons of stolen oranges.

The oranges appear to have come from the town of Carmona, where a theft had been reported at a warehouse some hours earlier.

After reaching the two vehicles, police discovered both cars were packed full of oranges.

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Five people were detained as they could not explain where the four tonnes of fruit had come from. When police tried to pull the cars over, the vehicles took off leading to officers chasing them through a dirt road. When they opened the rear door of a small sedan, hundreds of oranges spilled out.

According to reports, the suspects claimed that were carrying the oranges for their own consumption, but police said they did not have the right paperwork for such a large amount of fruit. Police also suspected that there was something wrong going on when they noticed that the vehicles were driving too close to each other.

Police later conducted another search in the area of the arrest and found the third vehicle, without its occupants, loaded with oranges. The four tons of oranges are reportedly worth around 1,400 euros ($1,735).