Speaker of National Assembly receives letter of resignation from President Zuma

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If the EFF believes that the 5th parliament is illegitimate, it could argue that its election of Ramaphosa is also illegitimate, and he should not have the right to address the national assembly.

In describing Zuma's departure, Malema said the former president's "legacy of corruption" is now in the "dustbin of history".

None of the ANC MPs came out in Zuma's defence during this meeting, one of those present said.

In his very ignorant, arrogant and politically illiterate articulation, Jacob Zuma says he does not know why he had to leave the office of the president.

Magaqa was killed in political violence in KwaZulu-Natal last year and suspended from the ANC for three years in the same case that saw Malema expelled.

Parliament's Acting Secretary Penelope Twaya on Thursday said SONA preparations were on track for the event to be hosted on Friday at 19:00.

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Sources from Cape Town, the seat of parliament, indicated that this decision was adopted after Zuma's reluctance to comply with the resignation request made by the Executive Committee, after exhaustive deliberations held in this capital.

The visibly agitated Malema said: "We must dispel the claims that Zuma gave free education to the country; free education was a result of the Fees Must Fall generation, which brought Zuma's government screaming and kicking to the table to concede on fee free education".

"He is a conman and a trickster who when caught in the wrong, plays victimhood with the aim of misleading the gullible into supporting him [sic]".

But this week he celebrated as Zuma resigned as head of state, despite salivating over the possibility of leading a motion of no confidence against Zuma.

He said: "We are going to join the DA motion on the dissolution". The Speaker received a letter and it must be read to the House. And we think on the dissolution of parliament, the discussion starts today.

Ramaphosa was elected in the National Assembly and then sworn-in on Thursday. Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng will oversee the process.