AG Sessions to speak to law enforcement officials in Sacramento today

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"This is really unprecedented for the chief law enforcement officer of the United States to come out to California and act more like Fox News than a law enforcement officer".

They spoke shortly after Sessions addressed law enforcement officers at a separate meeting of the California Peace Officers Association in Sacramento. "So you can be sure I'm going to use every power I have to stop them", Sessions told a group of law enforcement officials.

Hans von Spakovsky, a legal scholar at the conservative Heritage Foundation, said the Department of Justice is on solid legal ground to challenge state and local laws that impede federal law enforcement.

The attorney general said California officials are violating the law to promote an agenda the American people fundamentally reject.

Later in his speech, Sessions trashed Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, calling him an "embarrassment for the great state of California" while accusing him of boasting about willfully obstructing ICE agents. The Justice Department is seeking to overturn those laws.

Sessions attacked California lawmakers for what he viewed as obstruction against immigration agents doing their jobs.

Brown said when signing it in October that the law doesn't interfere with the work of federal immigration agencies, but merely "prohibits the commandeering of local officials to do the work of immigration agents". "Our track record so far when it comes to any dispute with the federal government has been pretty good", Becerra said. State Senate leader Kevin de León - whose bid for the U.S. Senate is premised on opposing Trump - showed up at protests outside Sessions' speech and called in former Attorney General Eric Holder to file an amicus brief opposing the administration. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has said it will increase its presence in California, and Sessions wants to cut off funding to jurisdictions that won't cooperate.

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"So here's my message for Mayor Schaaf: How dare you".

The lawsuit also spells out in the clearest detail yet how California's much-vaunted resistance has thrown a wrench in the wheels of the administration's deportation plans. "It's not wise, it's not right, and it will not stand", said Governor Jerry Brown. Can you even fathom the audacity, asks the Justice Department, of California enacting a law to safeguard individual constitutional rights?

Sessions said the supremacy of federal authority has been settled since the Civil War and invited doubters to visit Gettysburg battlefield or the tombstones of Abraham Lincoln and slavery-defending South Carolina Sen. "SAD!" Brown is named in the lawsuit along with Democratic Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who said the state is on firm legal footing.

The Democrat accused Sessions of lying and of trying to appease President Donald Trump.

"Those are 800 wanted criminals that are now at large in that community - 800 wanted criminals that ICE will now have to pursue by other means, with more difficulty in unsafe situations - all because of one irresponsible action", Sessions said.

In remarks during a press conference, Attorney General Becerra argued that California's laws deterring cooperation with ICE are constitutional.