Amazon to stop selling Google Nest's smart home devices

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Nest products won't be sold by any longer once current stock runs out, according to a report from Business Insider.

Nest has resolved to stop additional restocks at Amazon once remaining product inventory is drained. Nest products usually have excellent reviews on Amazon.

Per Business Insider, during a recent conference call between the two tech giants, Amazon informed Google's team about the decision to stop stocking new Nest products including thermostats and home security systems. You can't buy a number of Google products on Amazon, including Google Home, which competes with Amazon's own Echo products, and the Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones.

It's now unclear whether consumers will be able to buy Nest's connected gadgets through third-party sellers on Amazon Marketplace.

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This is another chess move in the ongoing war between the two smart home giants. In separating itself from Amazon, Nest's reasoning is that the powerful retailer should be dealing its overall product family or nothing at all. No news right now if Amazon will also restrict Nest products from the Marketplace.

Amazon may have made a splash during last month's Super Bowl with an Alexa ad that dominated water cooler conversations, but Google came roaring back this weekend with a whole host of new ads for its Assistant, a couple of which aired during Sunday's Academy Awards. Google responded by blocking Echo Show and Fire TV devices from accessing YouTube, claiming that the devices had violated Google's terms of service with the inclusion of the YouTube app.

The big G churns out everything from connected cameras to thermostats under the Nest banner. While there appeared to be some reconciliation a year ago after an announcement on Google Chromecasts resuming sales on the e-commerce platform, they still aren't available three months later. The company reportedly spent over $1 billion for Ring in a trail fastening track its task of turning Alexa the ruling digital assistant in the homes of consumers.