Arkansas Child Flu Deaths Grows to Five

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As of March 3, Pennsylvania had recorded 169 flu-related deaths in the 2017-2018 flu season, including five children.

Meanwhile, the confirmed death toll from this flu season increased to 118 from 98, the state's Department of Public Health reported. "So, no; at this point we have not seen the downturn". "Having said that, the incidents of flu right now even having gone down is still higher than it was at its peak past year".

The flu season peaked nationwide in mid-February, with 7.4 percent of medical visits attributed to the flu, making it the worst flu season in the United States since the 2009 swine flu pandemic, according to the Centers for Disease Control. The Department of Health has yet to release data for the last few weeks, so it doesn't know how the season has progressed since the initial decline in flu cases. Included in the total are four pediatric deaths.

DE public health officials say the death toll from the flu has risen to 28, tying the record death total from three years ago.

Is the worst of the flu season yet to come?

Press conference at hospital over major incident in Salisbury
We are asking local people to use the walk in centre on Avon Approach for non emergency conditions. Zizzi, on Castle Street, has been sealed by Wiltshire Police "as a precaution".

Hospitalizations for the flu were also down more than 50 percent. The restrictions, which prohibit children younger than 12 from visiting, remains in effect. RSV causes bad cold-like symptoms and can be serious for babies.

While the Influenza B virus can be better for some people because the vaccine is more effective, Simpson said the virus is more unsafe for men over the age of 50 because it is associated with an onset of heart attacks.

This flu season is breaking records and experts say it's not slowing down.

CDC officials are still recommending that unvaccinated people get the flu shot before the season's end.