County Health Rankings Released

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"We need to fix the things that stand in the way of good health like residential segregation, discrimination, or not having enough good-paying jobs".

The County has a 94% graduation rate, our unemployment rate is 3.5%, and we reported 158 violent crimes.

"What this data shows is that by addressing social determinants like housing, access to education, and employment opportunities, we lay the groundwork for better health to take root", says BCHHS Health Division Director, Jan Shepard.

This year, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation focused its analysis on health gaps and said nationwide data show they "persist not only by place, but also among racial and ethnic groups" and are largely the result "of differences in opportunities in the places where we live". Especially when looking at rising low birth weights. You can search for your county by clicking on the link at the side of this story, then typing in your zip code.

Though it has made some strides in improving outcomes, Petersburg sank to the bottom of an annual list of the healthiest localities in the state. Union County, with a population of about 15,000, was ranked the 67th or lowest county in the state.

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"Improving health is not just what our hospitals or the health department does, it is what we all do individually and collectively as a community to improve health", he said.

Another year has gone by and Forsyth County continues to trail its North Carolina metro peers in overall quality of health, according to a national study timed for release today.

Other southeastern Wisconsin counties lagged in the rankings. It's also based on health behaviors (for example, diet and exercise, alcohol and drug use, and tobacco use), social and economic factors (education, employment, income, family and social support), the physical environment (air and water quality, housing and transportation), and clinical care. Teen birth rates are highest among counties in the Southwest and Southeast as well as parts of Appalachia, the Mississippi Delta, and the Plains regions.

The report ranks Milwaukee County at No. 71 of the state's 72 counties for both its health outcomes and health factors.

In DeSoto, for instance, 7 percent of white births had a low birthweight while the rate was 13 for black births. Still, the rankings add on to the other measures they look at, Moritz said.