Deputies: Pasco woman assaulted husband after he forgot anniversary

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A woman was filmed receiving lashes from her husband after it was learned that she had eloped with her lover.

The footage, uploaded by the woman's mother to Facebook, showed the woman running for her life to the police headquarters where an officer helped her. After reportedly receiving 100 lashes, the woman eventually collapsed.

Shocking video of the incident shows the unidentified man grabbing a 17-year-old woman and throwing her on the ground before running away near the Tribuzio Meat Market in Brooklyn.

Screaming in pain, the woman was repeatedly whipped with a leather belt as punishment for adultery.

A Canadian woman who was reported missing earlier this week said she was never missing, but had been with a "male friend".

Mississippi Gov. appoints Cindy Hyde-Smith to vacant Senate seat
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When she came to, they warned her against telling the police before they fled.

Police said O'Riley was last seen after informing others that she was going to Tobago.

The woman was badly injured and filed a complaint against her husband a week after the beating.

Her husband pauses only briefly to take off his jacket before finishing his brutal assault.

When she returned home, there was already a meeting among village elders to decide what punishment she would receive - and flogging 100 times in public was agreed upon.