Fortnite Mobile Android Update revealed as Epic Games announce awesome download news

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As a new game mode, it undoubtedly contributes towards bringing more players on a continuous level, and it can be found as an intention of keeping the players in Fortnite, giving an increased chance for players who are kind of busy in real life to jump in a new match multiple times.

Fortnite's development team at Epic Games' decision to get rid of friendly fire in the popular free-to-play game was driven by issues with in-game toxic behavior. You have to patiently wait for Epic Games or another owner of the game to send you an invite in order to partake in the multiplayer fun, but even this didn't stop the game from becoming a viral phenomenon that could only be compared with Pokemon Go in more recent times.

When asked to explain the changes in greater detail, Epic Games said that the buffed resource rate "made gathering resources a little too trivial".

Ammo boxes are also more likely to spawn in Fortnite Blitz, while Floor Loot spawns almost 100% of the time. Besides dropping rarer weapons and gear Blitz mode also doubles the number of resources players can harvest.

The Fortnite limited time Blitz mode will be the first LTM that Fortnite Mobile fans are able to take part in.

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According to the report, $1 million of Epic's total estimated earnings came in the first three days after in-app purchases were activated.

And as Fortnite has surged in popularity, fans have been the target of hack attacks.

At the moment, the game is the most downloaded game in 47 countries. Once more is learned, we'll be sure to update this post.

"However, this approach doesn't find every impacted account, or you might have created your Epic account after we checked a particular password dump".

"We've also enabled multi-factor authentication, which provides players with additional security options".