Google Co-Founder Debuts Autonomous Flying Taxi 'Cora'

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After using a company called Zephyr Airworks to hide the Cora during testing, Kitty Hawk came out of the shadows to reveal it'll start an approvals process to launch the aircraft in New Zealand.

In an email, New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Arden told The New York Times that Kitty Hawk's electric flying taxis could help the country achieve a goal of eliminating net carbon emissions by 2050. And, the fuselage itself has come a long way from the flying contraption unveiled by Kitty Hawk past year.

A new all-electric autonomous aircraft built by the startup Kitty Hawk has been in testing for months.

Of course, Kitty Hawk isn't the only company doing such work. That's exactly what any company wants to hear. It is able is to take off like helicopters do and fly just like a plane and can be as fast as 110 miles per hour.

"A path to certifying an air taxi for everyday use just didn't exist".

Multiple propellers make a vehicle safer and more stable, and it also makes it easier to design vehicles with vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capabilities.

Back here in the United States, the move stands as a major challenge for our regulators, in particular the Federal Aviation Administration.

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For years, rumors have swirled about Kitty Hawk, a flying auto startup that has been lavishly funded by Google co-founder Larry Page.

Cora is a small aircraft that looks like a mix between a drone and a plane.

In November 2017, Boeing bought Aurora Flight Sciences.

Other countries, mostly in the Middle East and Africa, have been more aggressive about allowing unmanned flights and appear willing to be some of the first places where this technology will be used. That had a world class reputation in certification and regulation.

Zephyr CEO Fred Reid said New Zealand is devoted to clean energy.

It is expected that a commercial network of flying taxis will be in operation in New Zealand in as soon as three years.

Kitty Hawk says they're not sure when Cora will be available to escort you to the nearest shindig. Dubai has had Volocopter, Audi and Airbus have revealed their answer to the flying driverless auto race with Pop.Up Next in Geneva, and Chinese drone giant EHANG have flexed their drone-making muscle with a test flight of their EHANG 184.