GoPro Introduces New $200 Hero Camera

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In a last play to squeeze the remaining juice out of the enthusiast weekender market, GoPro has announced a $199 action camera that packs numerous features from its higher-end models into something much more affordable.

The GoPro Hero action camera is available today on the company's website. It's waterproof down to 30 feet without a separate case, and has voice control and image stabilization. Just like the other cameras in this lineup, the Hero has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity support and can also be connected to the GoPro app on your smartphone. GoPro Senior Vice President of Product Meghan Laffey said, "HERO is a great first GoPro for people looking to share experiences beyond what a phone can capture ..." The GoPro Hero features a 10MP camera lens that can shoot HD video at 1440p and 1080p at 60 frames per second. That's because the Hero integrates some of the best features from those higher-end GoPros while offering a narrower focus on ease of use that should make it attractive to first-time action cam buyers. The main difference is that it's not quite as good of a camera.

GoPro is going through a tough patch at the moment, and while the Hero won't solve all of its problems, the firm will be counting on its new creation for a quick win, which could eventually lead to healthier sales further up the chain.

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The camera works in conjunction with the GoPro App, meaning video and pictures can be wirelessly transferred to smartphones for social sharing.

So unless someone else has had his good fortune, Ali is the only person in the United Kingdom right now to have the new GoPro Hero camera.

GoPro used to be a company that could do no wrong but over the past few years, it has struggled.