India, China trade ministers break ice over breakfast

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"China's activities there are within our sovereign rights".

One of the norms of a healthy India-China relationship is that any project should not violate the sovereignty and integrity of India, he said. He chose South China Morning Post, a relatively independent newspaper from non-Communist Hong Kong to voice India's opinion. The area of the stand-off is also claimed by Bhutan. About lessons to be drawn, he called for delineation of the 3,488-km long Line of Actual Control (LAC) which China has refused.

"The east, middle and western side is yet to be officially demarcated", she said.

Bambawale also reiterated his earlier comments that China should not change the status quo along the Indian border and inform India about its plans earlier.

He said that though "no change" has taken place in the standoff site at Doklam after it was resolved past year, the PLA may be reinforcing its troops "well behind the sensitive area".

"China is committed to resolving the disputes through negotiations". In order to maintain the peace and tranquillity, there are certain areas, certain sectors which are very sensitive, where we must not change the status quo. "Both sides agreed that the issue needs to be addressed and that China would prepare a roadmap on reducing trade deficit with India", said minister Prabhu, after the talks held by the Joint Group between India and China.

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India has often expressed frustration with the promises made by China, drawing a contrast with Chinese non-tariff barriers that prevent Indian companies accessing the Chinese market.

India and the United States on Tuesday committed themselves to strengthening information sharing on some of the world's most unsafe terrorist groups and individuals apart from exchanging views on efforts to counter the financing and operations of regional and global terrorist organisations.

Worth mentioning here the two countries are the largest emerging economies of the world with 35% of the world's population and around 20% of the world's GDP but the relative volume of bilateral trade is less than 1% of global trade.

"We have every reason to be each other's partners".

"So we would like to work with India to enhance political trust and mutually beneficial cooperation under the guidance of two leaders to achieve the common development".