Minn. officer charged with murder in Justine Damond case

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Minneapolis' top prosecutor is expected to announce on Tuesday whether his office will charge a police officer in the fatal shooting of an Australian woman in July 2017 that led to a police chief's resignation.

"We have a almost second-by-second understanding of what happened from the moment Damond Ruszczyk called 911 until she was fatally shot by officer Noor 13 minutes later", Freeman said at a press conference Tuesday.

The criminal complaint, posted online by the Star Tribune, said that before the fatal shot was sacked, Harrity heard a voice and then a "thump", and saw the head and shoulders of a person outside his window. When Noor and his partner arrived on the scene in their squad auto, Damond approached the driver's side window and Noor fired his gun at her through the window, fatally wounding her. Damond Ruszczyk deserves "justice", said Levy-Pounds, but so did Jamar Clark, an unarmed Black man who was killed in 2015 by Minneapolis police officers - Freeman chose not to prosecute the officers involved in Clark's shooting. "Instead, Officer Noor recklessly and intentionally fired his handgun from the passenger seat, a location at which he would have been less able than Officer Harrity to see and hear events on the other side of the squad auto".

Damond's mother was Australian, and she spent her formative years there, but also spent some of her early childhood in the Buffalo area, said Peter Suffoletto, a cousin of Damond's father.

The officers were preparing to drive away when they heard a noise that startled them, the court filing said, causing Harrity to believe "his life was in danger". Her death sparked a national and worldwide outcry and led to the firing of then-Police Chief Janeé Harteau, who was away on vacation at the time.

"I stand here today surprised, but glad that charges have been filed against Officer Noor and in the same breath I feel sadness and anger for all the other families who have not experiences this sort of justice", said Bradley.

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"Our city stands firmly with Justine's family, and hope they find piece in a time of grief", Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said following the charges.

According to reports by CBS News, Noor and two other officers were sued a year ago for false imprisonment, assault, battery, and negligence for their alleged conduct during a welfare check. "However, justice demands accountability for those responsible for recklessly killing the fellow citizens they are sworn to protect", they said in the statement, according to the newspaper report. She has one hand near her abdomen and says, "I'm dying" or "I'm dead". In a statement from his attorney, Noor offers condolences to Damond's family.

Freeman maintained Tuesday that the decision to charge Noor was his. "This tragedy was the result of the actions of one officer, of which we still don't know why".

The officer was placed on leave following the shooting, and elected not to speak to investigators.

August 11 - Damond's family holds a public memorial service in Minneapolis.

November 18 - City Council member Jacob Frey defeats Hodges in the mayor's race. A grand jury indictment was sealed until the officer's arrest, Freeman said.