One dead, one wounded in hostage-taking in Trebes, France

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Lakdim, who was initially believed to have acted alone, held up a auto, fired on police and seized hostages in a supermarket on Friday, in what President Emmanuel Macron called an act of "Islamist terrorism".

A 26-year-old Moroccan national, Redouane Lakdim, who was living in Carcassonne and reportedly obtained a French citizenship in 2015, hijacked a auto, wounding the driver and killing the passenger, to drive to Trebes where he took people hostage at a supermarket.

Police are seen at the scene of a hostage situation in a supermarket in Trebes, France, March 23, 2018, in this picture obtained from a social media video.

Lakdim, 25, a drug dealer with a criminal record, was on France's extremist watchlist but authorities had concluded that he did not pose a threat.

Several attacks over the past year or more have targeted police and soldiers deployed in big numbers to protect civilians and patrol sensitive spots such as airports and train stations.

France has suffered a number of terrorist attacks in recent years - in January 2015 and on the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket in Paris left four people were killed.

Police in helmets and body armour took up positions around the supermarket before storming the premises and killing the gunman.

Heavily armed police also searched Lakdim's apartment in Carcassonne to search for clues as to his motives and weapon source.

Moroccan-born Lakdim, who was shot dead by security forces as they stormed a supermarket where he was holding hostages, had been on the intelligence services' official Fiche S watch list since 2014, prosecutor Francois Molins said on Monday.

He says "this is a hard combat we will have to fight, a bad combat, a hand-to-hand struggle, in which we will have successes - we had some - and in which we might have failures".

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Based on the findings of the first police investigations, Le Monde reports that the series of events started on Friday when Lakdim attacked an Opel Corsay labeled white vehicle with two people inside.

The gunman reportedly voiced his support for the Islamic State while taking hostages in the quiet town.

Lefebvre also confirmed that the suspect was shot to death by police.

Following the worst jihadi attack of his presidency, Macron praised the elite officer, saying he "died a hero" and deserved "the respect and admiration of the whole nation".

The Super U store was the first deadly attack since October 2017, when a man stabbed two young women to death in the port city of Marseille before soldiers killed him. "There were more gunshots and we went out the back door".

It added that Macron had called a meeting later this week of the security services responsible for monitoring individuals suspected of radicalization.

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the rampage.

"Asked if she was proud of him, she said he would have told her "'I'm doing my job mom, that's all'".

January 7-9, 2015: Attacks on the Paris offices of the satirical magazine "Charlie Hebdo" and on a kosher grocery leave 17 victims dead.