Pachulia will not be punished for controversial fall on Westbrook

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After the game, Westbrook suggested that Pachulia fell over him on objective after Westbrook missed a basket in the third quarter and fell to the floor alongside Warriors guard Nick Young.

Russell Westbrook accused Zaza Pachulia of trying to hurt him on a play in Saturday's game, but Kevin Durant thinks the Golden State Warriors center did nothing wrong.

The Washington Post's Tim Bontemps reported Monday that the National Basketball Association were not looking to either fine or suspend the big man for the incident involving himself, Westbrook and teammate Nick Young.

Westbrook's fellow point guards Kyrie Irving and Damian Lillard also spoke out about the incident and condemned Pachulia for his actions.

The Oklahoma City Thunder superstar called the Georgian "dirty" after their 112-80 loss at Oracle Arena and it led to multiple players weighing in too. He aimed where he was gonna fall.

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"I don't think Zaza is trying to hurt anybody".

Jackson delineated between playing tough and playing dirty with an intent to injure opponent, and said that there's no way what Pachulia did to Westbrook was an involuntary motion: "He has too many incidents - Kawhi, Russ previous year. Don't lie, don't lie, you saw the instant replay four times", Westbrook said. "He is clumsy as a lot of big guys are". But I watched the tape. "He tried to hurt me. It's clear: The foot-to-knee pulled Pachulia down, while the foot-to-foot made him awkwardly fall".

And his teammate, Paul George, agrees with Russ. Pachulia and Westbrook had an incident last season in January.

"You know Zaza, you know his history". Pachulia was right there and slammed his body right into Westbrook.

However, other National Basketball Association players also voiced out their concern against the alleged intentions of Pachulia. "That's Zaza making a Zaza play".