Palestinians slam Trump security advisor pick Bolton

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The US has yet to present the long-awaited Trump peace plan amid deep anger from the Palestinians over Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

President Harry Truman created the NSC in 1947 as an advisory body on national security and foreign policy matters.

A strong supporter of the Iraq war and an advocate for aggressive use of American power, Bolton was unable to win Senate confirmation after his nomination to the United Nations post alienated many Democrats and even some Republicans. Mr Bolton has publicly defended the option of a pre-emptive strike against North Korea's nuclear arsenal, and has strongly argued for the USA to abandon the Iran nuclear deal.

If Trump's planned summit with Kim Jong Un does not lead quickly to North Korea's nuclear disarmament he has a team that is more ready than his last to contemplate pre-emptive war.

Before he became U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Mr Bolton spoke about the "failure" of the global body.

Fulton Armstrong, who was the intelligence community's top Cuba expert, said Bolton and several of his associates in government also tried to have him removed over the biological weapons issue.

"We are concerned that the policy is coming closer to the rhetoric, " he said. But can even Mattis restrain Trump now that the president is surrounding himself with fellow zealots?

Some leaders dreaded increased turmoil. He will retire from the US Army after 34 years of distinguished service.

The appointment inflamed concerns about the prospects of a conflict with North Korea.

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National security adviser H.R. McMaster waves March 16, 2018, as he walks into the West Wing of the White House in Washington.

However, Bolton and Mr. Trump do not always see eye to eye.

Emails viewed by the Times suggest that former Trump political strategist Steve Bannon had some role in setting up contacts between Bolton and Cambridge Analytica, as an email from a Cambridge Analytica employee sent to Bolton specifically mentioned Bannon in its subject header.

At that time, the North's state-run Korean Central News Agency regularly denounced him, calling him "human scum and a bloodsucker".

Many national security analysts say the type of strike he has argued for would put the greater Seoul region, home to 25 million South Koreans, at risk of a counterstrike. US intelligence analysts have warned that such a strike would trigger a North Korean counterattack that would kill tens of thousands of South Koreans, American troops and civilians, and others as far away as Japan.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett, who leads Jewish Home, tweeted that Bolton was "an extraordinary security expert, experienced diplomat and a stalwart friend of Israel."Environment Minister Zeev Elkin of Netanyahu's Likud echoed his cabinet colleagues, telling Tel Aviv radio station 102 FM Bolton was "unquestionably a friend of Israel for many years, including in his position as United States ambassador to the UN". In 2003, he notoriously supported the invasion of Iraq.

"This is a person who guarantees allies will be driven away, allies will be insulted, allies will be ignored", said Reinhard Bütikofer, a German member of the European Parliament.

"Both men have expressed hawkish views on China, entirely in line with the administration's push for a more confrontational military posture and aggressive economic tariffs", explains Lindsey Ford, a former senior adviser to the Department of Defense on Asian security affairs under President Obama.