Putin tells USA to send evidence of vote meddling

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Plant added that while "Russia already has a ton of systems that can threaten and overwhelm US missile defenses", Putin's announcement reflects his country's concern that the USA missile shield could grow powerful enough to become a game-changer.

The US White House and Pentagon have dismissed Russian President Vladimir Putin's talk of Russia's new "invincible" nuclear missiles as "no surprise" and instead, accused Russia of treaty violations and boast that their arsenal is "second to none".

In just one day, the suggestions have been pouring in: "Kraken" for a new underwater drone capable of blasting coastlines with a powerful nuclear explosion. He continued, "I don't know what created the dynamic, but we saw it during the campaign, right?"

Although Putin was given an ecstatic reception by his audience, some online comments were less than complimentary.

Putin stunned the West - and many in Russian Federation - on Thursday by using his state of the nation address to unveil a new arsenal of hypersonic weapons and submarines less than three weeks before an election is expected to extend his rule until 2024. She called the animation "cheesy".

Putin's speech has further exacerbated tensions with the United States, which have hit Cold War-era highs over conflict in Syria and Ukraine as well as accusations Moscow interfered in the USA 2016 election.

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"It is certainly concerning to see your government, to see your country, put together that kind of video that shows the Russian Government attacking the US.

We continue to work for more military predictability and transparency, including in the NATO-Russia Council", she said. Moscow has long threatened to find technological ways around Western missile defences that it sees as threatening and that the West denies are aimed at Russian Federation.

Boosted by a slavish media and foreign military adventures such as the annexation of Crimea in 2014, his approval rating remains sky-high and official polls suggest he will take nearly 70 per cent of the vote.

Lungescu said NATO's missile defense system was built "to respond to attacks from outside Europe and North America and not directed against Russian Federation".

He compared Putin's address to former British prime minister Winston Churchill's 1946 speech in which he condemned the Soviet Union and effectively announced the beginning of the Cold War.

Putin showed a video of nuclear missiles raining down on what appeared to be Florida's Tampa Bay area, home of the USA military's central command.