Siri can read out hidden notifications on locked iOS 11 iPhones

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The bug does not affect Apple's Messages app, but for third party messaging apps like WhatsApp, Skype or Telegram, Siri will read out these notifications on your lockscreen, even if your privacy settings for "Show Previews" is set to display only "When Unlocked" (Settings Notifications Show Previews).

On the iPhone X, notification previews are hidden by default and details are shown only after Face ID authentication. Simply by asking Siri to "read my notifications" the voice assistant will read out content from a wide range of apps, such as WhatsApp, Gmail, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and others.

The report also found that the bug exists in both iOS 11.2.6 which is now the latest stable version and the beta of iOS 11.3 which is due to release in Spring 2018. They further assured that the same will be fixed in the upcoming software update.

Some iPhone users have had quite a shock lately, as a bug has been causing the device's voice assistant, Siri, to read out hidden lock screen notifications to nearly anyone that asks.

Apple is aware of the iOS message reading bug, and has a fix planned for their next update.

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Apple has already issued a statement that says it is "aware" of the bug and is now working on a fix. You'll be able to see that you have messages, but only by opening the relevant app's screen will they be visible.

After all, it's meant to be a LOCK screen that LOCKS your phone, not merely a cautious front end that gives you partial access to some features of some apps. Do the same thing for the other apps that you don't want to send you notifications on the lock screen. This is a serious bug since it effectively removes a layer of security.

But the feature has been around for a while, previously allowing users to manually change their settings to hide notification previews.

In order to disable Siri on the lock screen, head to Settings Siri & Search Allow Siri When Locked. Choose the option Never.