Spotify Launches Service in Israel at $6 a Month

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In the world of streaming music, it's really down to Apple Music versus Spotify. There is also a free tier.

Apple, Spotify, Google and other services charge USD9.99 a month for music. In contrast, Apple officially discontinued production of the iPod Nano and Shuffle in Jul. 2017 and the company's overarching strategic vision today - and, subsequently, Cue's keynote - seems to lean heavily on news publishers, original video, augmented reality and the App Store, with music a mere drop in the commercial bucket.

Yet Spotify, which estimated its value to be as much as $23.4 billion in its application to list some of its existing shares on the New York Stock Exchange, has yet to turn a profit.

Speculation emerged in September 2017 of a local launch after the company placed a job advertisement for a senior editor and music programmer for South Africa.

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Line-In is a work-in-progress, and more features will be added over time as Spotify receives more feedback on the feature.

Apple Inc.'s Apple Music is adding subscriber accounts in the a higher rate than Spotify, and is on track to pass the No. 1 streaming service this summer, according to people in the record business familiar with figures reported by the two services. Google does not release paid subscriber numbers for its service, Google Play Music.

Internet and entertainment firm Naspers also recently launched music streaming platform Joox, from China's Tencent, in which it holds a 33 percent stake.

CNET reports that Cue is looking to a market of about 2 billion customers who can access and pay for streaming rights, a far cry from Apple's and Spotify's current combined reach of barely over 100 million.