Trump Threatens Veto Of Spending Deal Hours Before Government Would Shut Down

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He blasted its $1.3T price tag which he called "the second largest ever", adding, "Obama signed one even larger, which I'm sure he wasn't happy with ether".

While calling it a "ridiculous situation", Trump said the spending plan was important because it increases money for the military. "I'm not going to do it again", he said. "The president, and our leadership, and the leadership in the House got together and said, Look, we don't like what the Democrats are doing, we got to fund the government". They protested the bill's cost and said Trump had been outflanked on the wall and other items.

Democrats are reported to have said they would accept that, but only if a path to citizenship was created for all the 1.8m people eligible for Daca. Yet, when given the opportunity to advocate laws that would stop school shootings, all Trump could do is propose teachers have guns. Trump was reportedly reacting to a reminder that a budget deadline loomed at midnight on Friday, and he would be blamed if the federal government were to shut down again.

"This is your mess", the American Civil Liberties Union said in a statement addressed to Trump. We wanted to inlude DACA.

A similar scenario is likely to play out Friday morning: Ryan and McConnell will rehash their arguments to Trump about why a shutdown would be so catastrophic and why this spending bill is the best they can give him under the circumstances, making an actual veto unlikely.

He also marveled at cash earmarked for the country's nuclear missile program.

The bill's $1.6bn for border security is not authorized to be used on the wall prototypes Trump recently viewed in California. "Would have been tied to desperately needed Wall", the president added. Trump officials even tried to back-channel conservative ideas with allies in Congress to defund sanctuary cities or push for more border wall spending, but to no avail.

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The giant spending bill, though, expires September 30, and another funding measure will be needed. The bulk of the money will go to repairing existing fencing segments. He stopped and spoke when asked about his earlier veto threat.

"The chances of Republicans maintaining control of the House of Representatives declined by about 25 percent today - the bill is that bad".

It was far short of the $25bn the White House had sought - and there are strings attached to the funding Congress has approved.

There are no public events scheduled on the White House calendar for President Donald Trump Saturday.

The bill easily passed by the House Thursday. Trump, meanwhile, spoke with advisers, including Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, a supporter of the defense increases in the bill. The Senate passed the spending bill known as the Omnibus on a bipartisan basis in the wee hours of the morning. The Congressional Hispanic Caucus opposed the bill. The spending bill had been negotiated by Trump's own aides - with sign-off from the boss on every major decision.

The budget passed the House and Senate despite opposition from groups on the right and left. "No one has read it. Congress is broken". "But we think that we got many of our priorities funded". The bill also doesn't resolve the fate of the Dreamers, who have been in legal gridlock since the Supreme Court declined to take up a Trump administration appeal. Senate Republicans made a last-ditch effort to tuck the insurance provisions into the bill, but Democrats refused to yield on abortion restrictions.