Abdel Fattah al-Sisi re-elected Egypt President in landslide win

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The Egyptian leader faced virtually no real competition and won 97 percent of the vote.

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi originally ordered the creation of the Supreme Council for Combating Terrorism and Extremism after meeting with the National Defence Council following terrorist attacks past year.

Ibrahim said 92.73 per cent of the votes were valid from the roughly 24 million cast, while nearly two million ballots were spoiled.

His sole opponent Moussa Mustafa Moussa was a supporter of the President and took few opportunities to test him.

The election featured only one other candidate - himself an ardent supporter of Mr Sisi - after all serious opposition contenders halted their campaigns in January.

"The election was an epic of love dedicated to Egypt", said Lasheen Ibrahim, the head of the election commission, who announced the official results.

Last week, Sisi posted photos of voters participating in the polls and praised them on facebook for the huge turnout.

"The entire world heard your chants for the love of Egypt". Then, turnout was about 47 percent - but only after election officials agreed to extend the vote into a third day.

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"But I know the enormous popularity of President Sisi", he said.

The victor of the presidential elections will take office on June 8 for the next four years, following the official end of the first term of President Abdel Fattah Sisi on June 7, in accordance with Article 140 of the Egyptian Constitution.

The NEA previously decided that eligible Egyptian citizens who abstained from voting in the presidential election would be fined 500 Egyptian pounds (about $28).

Sisi's only rival for the presidency was Mousa Mostafa Mousa, after several other candidates quit the race.

A jihadist insurgency since has killed hundreds of policemen and civilians.

Two weeks earlier Trump spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin to congratulate him on winning Russia's election, which many observers said was marked by fraud.

Enjoying near-unanimous media support, Sisi is seen by many Egytians as the right man to lead the country after years of political, security and economic turmoil that followed the ouster of leader Hosni Mubarak in 2011.