Apple iPhone Pursues Touchless Control & Curved Screens For Future Models

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Speaking in terms of the display, it will "gradually" curve inward from top to bottom and it's still at least two to three years away.

Samsung now uses smartphone screens that curve, but its curved screens slope down at the edges, rather than from top to bottom. Apple introduced pressure-sensitive displays with the addition of 3D Touch following the release of the iPhone 6s and the Apple Watch, though few apps take advantage of the feature in a way that makes sense. After all, OLED displays are more flexible than LCD screens.

Although curved displays and touchless input may still be years away, greater use of OLED displays is expected this year. Reports now suggest Apple is developing a model with a curved screen design. The only one that has a slight curvature is the iPhone X.

Apple did not immediately respond to PCMag's request for comment. In fact, many were surprised that these two features didn't make the final release - especially considering they were a staple of a number of betas leading up to the final release.

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Apple has a number of new features in the pipeline for its upcoming iPhones. Smartphones have become increasingly similar as Apple, Samsung Electronics Co., Google, and Huawei Technologies Co. adopt features like full screens, advanced cameras, and facial recognition at roughly the same time. Samsung is already working on a foldable smartphone, while Huawei is seeing increased success in Asia. Also in the works alongside the new displays is a new gesture control feature.

Samsung launched a feature called Air Gestures several years ago that lets users accept calls and flip through web pages by waving their hand across the top of the phone.

While we're still getting the hang of Apple's new gesture interface on the iPhone X, Apple is apparently working on an entirely new kind of phone with a touchless gesture-based input. However, Apple's plans are significantly different concepts.