Cambridge Whistle-Blower Says Facebook Data Could Be In Russia

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Now some fresh new information is there which tells us that Facebook has taken a step further and has suspended the Canadian data firm AggregateIQ as well.

Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg is scheduled to testify at congressional hearings next Tuesday and Wednesday.

Facebook has been in damage control mode and has been trying to assure users and investors about its security measures.

There's no indication that Facebook actually plans to introduce such an option, but Sandberg's admission makes explicit that Facebook's revenue depends nearly entirely on monitoring its users' taste and behavior.

Facebook has been secretly deleting some messages CEO Mark Zuckerberg sent through its Messenger application, an option that hasn't been available to most of the social network's 2.2 billion users.

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Currently, users can only delete messages from their own inboxes which will still show up in the recipient's thread. People come on to Facebook, they want to do targeted ads, and that's really important for small business.

Facebook on Friday announced new moves it says will help combat foreign interference in U.S. elections, the New York Times reports.

As well-trained artificial intelligence devices get better at making unsettling inferences about us based on a handful of "likes" or places we've visited, we must recognize that the power to predict and shape our behavior lies less in whether we share our own data and more in whether others do. "And people using our secret message feature in the encrypted version of Messenger have the ability to set a timer - and have their messages automatically deleted", a Facebook spokesperson claimed. "This may take some time", a Facebook spokeswoman wrote in an email on Friday. Zuckerberg also expressed his support for the Honest Ads Act bill now working its way through the Senate-despite Facebook having previously lobbied against it.

The House and Energy and Commerce Committee announced on Wednesday Zuckerberg will testify on April 11 about the British consulting firm Cambridge Analytica, which obtained data on tens of millions of Facebook users that could be used to influence voters in USA elections. The company makes nearly all of its revenue and profit from ads, in large part because of the strategies implemented under Sandberg, especially as Facebook moved to mobile.

"In light of recent reports that AggregateIQ may be affiliated with [Strategic Communication Laboratories] and may, as a result, have improperly received FB user data, we have added them to the list of entities we have suspended from our platform while we investigate", Facebook said in a statement; Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL) is a military contractor that is the parent of Cambridge Analytica.