Cosby Paid Accuser Nearly $3.4M, Prosecutor Says

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Rochelle garnered global media attention after staging a topless protest against Bill Cosby at the site of his sexual assault retrial at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Also emblazoned on her body was the words "Women's Lives Matter". Such verbal attacks on the more than 60 women who have come forward since 2014 are what prompted Nicolle Rochelle, a 38-year-old actress, to make her topless run at Cosby as he walked into court early Monday.

Bill Cosby paid almost $3.4 million as part of a settlement with the woman he is now charged with sexually assaulting, a prosecutor said Monday as the comedian's retrial got underway.

The comic stood trial in 2017 after being accused of drugging and sexually assaulting former Temple College worker Andrea Constand at his Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, mansion in January 2004.

Before that case was settled, Cosby gave extraordinary deposition testimony, saying he gave Constand pills and describing their sexual encounter.

District Attorney Kevin Steele highlighted the 2006 civil settlement during his statement, in an apparent attempt to suggest Cosby wouldn't have paid out so much money if the accusations against him were false. Authorities charged her with disorderly conduct before releasing the actress.

And it was only the first sign that Cosby's second sexual assault trial is already shaping up to be far different than the first, which ended in a hung jury andmistrial.

The jurors - seven men and five women - took the oath to be fair and impartial around 2:30 p.m. on Monday so the trial could finally be under way.

"We're not conceding this was Benadryl", Steele said.

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About a dozen other protesters also demonstrated outside the courthouse, an indication of how Cosby's profile has changed since he was one of America's most beloved entertainers. In June, a Pennsylvania choose declared a mistrial after the jury introduced that they have been "hopelessly deadlocked" after deliberating for days.

Following her arrest, Rochelle issued a statement explaining she's a member of an global women's movement called Femen, in which "topless female activists painted with slogans" are on a mission of "protesting the patriarchy and reclaiming our bodies".

Cosby seemed startled by the commotion as protesters chanted at him, but he was not touched and is uninjured.

The accuser in the case, Andrea Constand, 44, is one of more than 50 women who have accused him of sexual assaults, some dating back decades. Cosby's lawyers want the man removed as a juror.

The comedian, who has consistently denied all allegations against him, was said to have appeared startled by the ordeal but was not touched or injured.

Last week, Judge Steven O'Neill ruled that it could be revealed to the jury in the course of the new trial.

Cosby's team will pick up with their opening arguments on Tuesday, but the settlement revelation capped off a wild first day of Cosby's retrial.

The retrial will be before the same judge and district attorney as the first trial.