Diamond And Silk: Conservative Media Personalities Lied Under Oath, Per 'The Hill'

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A November 2016 receipt shows the Trump campaign paid them more than $1,200 for field consulting.

Later in the hearing, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) asked the two if they ever received money from the Trump campaign.

In tense exchanges with representative Hakeem Jeffries of NY and Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas, the women also denied having ever been paid by the Trump campaign.

The Facebook personalities claim that they have been censored by the social media company, and prevented from earning a profit off their extensive platform due to their support of President Trump and conservative views.

In addition to Diamond and Silk, the hearing includes testimony from Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn; Electronic Frontier Foundation Legal Director Corynne McSherry; News Media Alliance CEO David Chavern; and New York Law School Innovation Center for Law and Technology Director Ari Waldman. At one point fellow "African-Americans" Diamond & Silk let him have it.

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"We are familiar with that particular lie, we can see that you do look at fake news", said Rochelle Richardson, alias Silk.

Rep. Jerry Nadler, the top ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, called the hearing with the two social media stars is a "spectacle" that shouldn't be taking place when the committee should be investigating more important issues. They now have almost 150,000 subscribers on YouTube and several of their videos have been viewed over a million times each.

Jeffries concluded his short feud with the self-proclaimed "most outspoken and loyal" Trump supporters by saying, "I respect your game". "When we reached out to Facebook for an explanation, they gave us the run around".

Alarmingly, Diamond and Silk truly tried to frame this as a war between liberals and conservatives, pointing to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg using his social media platform to advance political advantage.

The President during a wide-ranging interview with Fox & Friends on Thursday said they have "become awesome", listing them among the "warriors" who stand by him. For example, they claimed that Facebook has "censored" their page (which has about 1.2 million followers) because of their "conservative" beliefs, but demonstrable research conducted by the outlet debunks their claims. Facebook called them "unsafe" to the community.