DNA linked to Golden State Killer arrest came from a genealogy website

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While Sacramento officials did not credit McNamara's work directly in their April 25 press conference, every utterance of the name Golden State Killer lent credence to her dogged pursuit of the perpetrator, which kept his crimes in the limelight. After its February 2018 release, "I'll Be Gone in the Dark" climbed to the top of the New York Times Best-Seller List.

On Wednesday, California police said they had arrested a 72-year-old former police officer, Joseph James DeAngelo, in connection with the case.

Throughout their tour, McNamara and Holes talked DNA, the possible "geographic profiling" of the suspect, bloodhounds, tire tracks and the skill the man sometimes demonstrated in gaining entrance to the homes - and then evading police. "And I really loved her", he said.

Now that a suspect in the killings has been identified, Oswalt said he felt a unusual mix of elation and impending sadness that McNamara was not alive to witness it.

Actor Patton Oswalt is in "freak out" mode amid reports suggesting his late wife's final true crime book led police to a suspected serial killer in a California cold case.

Oswalt told the New York Times that the arrest gave him a odd mix of elation and impending sadness that his wife wasn't there to witness it.

But Michelle McNamara, by reaching millions of readers, shined a brighter light on this case than had ever been shone before.

"They have DNA from a crime scene and they don't get a match in the regulated data bank and they don't have any other leads, then they are looking to start harvesting information from private DNA data banks", said Mercer. He allegedly gained access to his victims by prying open windows to their homes as they slept; police have not revealed the details of the DNA evidence, only saying it was sophisticated.

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In some circles, the late Michelle McNamara was a Hollywood wife and mom who dutifully accompanied her husband Patton Oswalt to his industry's red carpet rituals and helped get their 7-year-old daughter off to school. At the time of her death, she was working on her book about the Golden State Killer investigation and documenting some of her findings on her website True Crime Diary.

Former police officer Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, was arrested at his Citrus Heights home after DNA linked him to crimes attributed to the so-called Golden State Killer.

The culprit is suspected of at least 12 slayings and 50 rapes in 10 counties from Northern to Southern California.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Grippi said that the DNA used to zero in on DeAngelo had been uploaded by a relative, according to NBC affiliate KCRA. It also said users should understand their DNA could be used to identify relatives who have committed crimes or were victims of crimes.

"I just yelled at her, 'Why don't you just stay out of my life?' And I hung up the phone and I peddled off on my bicycle and I thought I had the last word", Debbi Domingo said.

Investigators have linked DeAngelo to 11 murders that occurred after he was sacked from the police department. She also wrote about why and how the Golden State Killer case became her obsession later in life.

"I think you got him, Michelle", Oswalt wrote on Twitter on Wednesday alongside a news article on the suspect's arrest.