Golden State Killer's victims look to heal after suspect's capture

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He confronted them with a butcher knife and shone a flashlight in her eyes before tying them up.

Michelle McNamara had made it her mission to find the killer.

'He tied us with shoelaces and cloth, he blindfolded us and he gagged us both. In some instances, the rapist would put plates or cups on the backs of the male victims, threatening to come back and kill them if the plates fall over.

'This was probably the most frightening part - I had no idea where he had moved him - he was gone from my side. When I got my blindfold off, my son was asleep next to me. Once I was able to forgive him, I felt a tremendous freedom.

Deputies kept watch on the house and his comings and goings for several days and took him by surprise Tuesday afternoon as he walked outside. DeAngelo is suspected of having committed at least 12 homicides and close to 50 rapes during a crime spree across California that lasted between 1979 and 1986. Following the murders of Katie and Brian Maggiore, the East Area Rapist didn't strike within the jurisdiction of the Sacramento Sheriff's Department again.

DeAngelo was a police officer in Auburn, California in the 1970s until his firing based on allegations that he had shoplifted a hammer and dog repellent. 'I've been crying, sobbing'. Gorman mentioned DeAngelo as soon as got here to his home to yell at his mom, Sonja, to cease mowing the garden.

"I was just a young woman".

"He seemed like a nice guy, it's just mindblowing", said Tim Muriset.

"I just wonder when he first saw me, how long he had been stalking me", said Carson-Sandler, who was in the Air Force reserves and studying to be a nurse at the time of the attack. During a press conference Wednesday, police identified DeAngelo not only as the "Golden State Killer" and the "East Area Rapist" - two of his many aliases - but also as the "Visalia Ransacker", a serial burglar in the mid-70s who eventually committed a murder, and fired a revolver at an officer's head as he escaped from one crime scene.

The suspected East Area Rapist, Golden State Killer and Original Night Stalker was arrested 42 years after he allegedly began terrorizing greater Sacramento.

DNA from ancestry websites led to arrest of accused Golden State Killer
How the Golden State Killer's DNA Nabbed Him

On March 29, as he prepared to turn in his gun and badge, longtime cold case investigator Paul Holes drove out to the Citrus Heights home of Joseph James DeAngelo, parked his vehicle and sat outside.

In December, after DeAngelo was convicted of shoplifting and fired from the Auburn Police Department, 10 people were murdered and four more women were raped in various Southern California communities including Santa Barbara, Ventura County and Irvine.

She said she has lived with two names, her professional name for which she is known in Santa Cruz and her given name, Jennifer Smith, the name she used in her dealings with investigators working her father and stepmother's case.

"It's never defined who I was or who I am today", she told CNN affiliate KSWB. No one had ever said anything.

She wrote a book about her experience called "Frozen in Fear".

Mary immediately called her 82-year-old mother and her sister to tell them the news. People were concerned, and they had a right to be.

On Wednesday, she announced the arrest of DeAngelo.

'I think what we didn't have back at that time was the ability to share what happened to us because of shame. The official told her the DNA link was "100 percent", she said.

"The real issue is how we can help those agencies in helping to investigate this case and trying to prosecute this case".

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