Government proposes holding company for Air India post sale

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Passengers of an Air India Amritsar-Delhi flight experienced a brush of death on when they unexpectedly ran into severe turbulence mid-air on Thursday.

A purported 50-second long video clip of happenings inside that flight showed an air hostess trying to fix the window panel that came off and pacifying an elderly woman passenger seated on that particular window seat.

A source told The Times of India: "Passengers were naturally terrified".

Passengers aboard an Air India flight have been left traumatised after "a freak level" of turbulence left three passengers injured and caused a seat window to from its frame. "AI and Directorate General of Civil Aviation is probing it", a senior Air India official was quoted as saying by The imes of India.

Shocking footage from inside the Air India flight shows it was so severe it knocked a window panel off.

A passenger on a recent Air India flight learned this the hard way (quite literally) when her window panel popped out of its frame and knocked her "upside the head" while the aircraft was at 15,000 feet.

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The newest mid-flight emergency - on board the Boeing 787 Dreamliner - left lots of the 240 passengers on-board in tears and praying for assist.

Now the matter is being investigated by Air India and DGCA members.

The engine explosion on Southwest Flight 1380 on Tuesday was caused by a fan blade that broke off, The Federal Aviation Administration said.

Adding to the fear, a couple of oxygen masks had also deployed and the overhead panel cover of seat 12-U got cracks. All the three injured passengers were taken to the hospital when the flight landed in Delhi.

Preliminary data indicated that passengers on the airliner encountered up to three times the force of gravity "at an altitude of 18,000 feet-32,000 feet during the climb phase of the aircraft", shortly after take off from Amritsar, according to NDTV. Two others suffered minor injuries. So when the turbulence hit, they hit the overhead cabin because of a bump.