How has UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd managed to keep her job?

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There have been calls for the Home Secretary to resign after thousands of people from the Caribbean who had migrated to Britain legally were threatened with deportation.

For almost two weeks, British ministers have been struggling to explain why some descendants of the so-called "Windrush generation", invited to Britain to plug labour shortfalls between 1948 and 1971, had been labelled as illegal immigrants.

Her response was met with a call to resign from shadow home secretary Diane Abbott, who pointed out that the General Secretary of the Immigration Service Union had told the Home Affairs Select Committee that the targets were displayed on posters in regional immigration enforcement offices.

Later, speaking to journalists at a Westminster lunch event, Ms Rudd said: "I have not approved or seen or cleared any targets for removals looking ahead, and looking ahead I will not be doing that". "The immigration arm of the Home Office has been using local targets for internal performance management", she was quoted as saying by BBC. The second is Theresa May's draconian interpretation, as home secretary, of what was required to achieve that target and to impress public opinion that she was serious.

Yvette Cooper, the Labour chair of the Commons home affairs committee, said it was "deeply disappointing that the home secretary did not know the facts" when she spoke to the committee on Wednesday.

'These were not published targets against which performance was assessed, but if they were used inappropriately then I am clear that this will have to change.

"I do take seriously my responsibility but I do think I am the person who can put it right", Ms Rudd said. The committee had been told by the ISU's Lucy Moreton that the Home Office had regional targets for removing illegal migrants during an earlier hearing.

She was asked to produce a "list of information", Furniss said, including her parents' passports, school records, medical records "and so fourth. and she was just absolutely shocked. she did feel very upset".

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On Wednesday Ms Rudd denied targets were used, when she faced MPs investigating the problems faced by the Windrush generation.

The report said the target was "not a useful performance measure" due to the varying nature of cases year to year.

Rudd said she had asked officials to provide her with a "full picture of performance measurement tools" used at all levels.

The Windrush row erupted after it emerged relatives of migrants from Commonwealth Caribbean countries who settled in the United Kingdom from the late 1940s to the 1970s had been declared illegal immigrants if they could not provide a range of documentation which proved they had lived in the United Kingdom continuously.

Opposition lawmakers called for her to resign. "I'm confident that we will see a marked change in tone".

The spokesman added: "The idea of removal targets being set by the Government goes back over a number of decades".

She also received backing from a number of Conservative MPs. "We don't have targets for removals - if you are asking me if there are numbers of people we expect to be removed, that's not how we operate", she said.

The Home Office said it has never been policy to take decisions arbitrarily to meet a target.