Iran BLASTED for 'TRYING TO STRANGLE' Israel amid heightening Syria fears

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This past weekend was emblematic of the way the USA and much of the world have dealt with Assad since Syria's devastating civil war erupted in 2011: harsh criticism and occasional action, but no sustained effort that's come close to ousting him. Netanyahu said that the attack sends an "important" message of "zero tolerance for the use of unconventional weapons".

In one way or another, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Russia and the US are all now involved in Syria's civil war-and each has a stake in its possible outcome. That process is important to Israel which views Russian Federation as the major factor in the Syrian situation. Senior Israeli security officials have threatened that if Iran strikes at Israel, it will topple Syria's government. None of them has to do with Israel and its concerns in Syria. This is partially due to the notion that, since the West has decreased its engagement in Syria, the Iranian and Syrian regimes have been on the offensive, shelling and bombing areas held by opposition groups. Turkey has been striking them on Syrian territory. That is an asset on one hand but also evidence to the difficulties Israel is facing in dealing with the developing situation in Syria. That's spooked Israel, which has been accused by Damascus - and Moscow - of striking Syrian bases.

Neither Israel nor Iran will be enthusiastic over the prospect of fulll-scale war, but there is a real risk for miscalculation and retaliatory attacks that could further inflame domestic pressure to escalate.

It is not easy to do this task, because of the strong relationship between the Democratic Union Party (which is intellectually linked to the PKK and operates under the Ocalan ideology) and the "Islamic Republic of Iran".

According to Daniel, Israel was bracing for a possible Iranian missile salvo or armed drone assault from Syria. The Kremlin announced that the phone call covered various issues, including what it called the Israeli attack on the T-4 air base in Syria.

Israel is understood to have launched strikes over 100 times in Syria since 2012.

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The attack "marked a significant escalation in Israel's efforts to prevent Iran from cementing its military presence in Syria", the newspaper said.

While acknowledging that it has carried out scores of strikes in Syria against suspect Iranian deployments or arms transfers to Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas, Israel generally does not comment on specific missions.

Noting the relationships he has built in recent years - such as in Latin American, Africa and Asia - Netanyahu said he is amazed at the appreciation and admiration world leaders have for Israel.

The Israeli-Russian relationship is becoming increasingly tense. "The message sent from the information center about your unit is incorrect".

In one of the pictures, released by the Israeli Defense Ministry (IDF) on Tuesday, Tehran's Mehrabad Airport is shown as one of the airfields where Iranian personnel are allegedly stationed.