Iraq launches airstrikes on IS positions inside Syria

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"Carrying out air strikes on Daesh gangs in Syrian territories is because of the dangers posed by said gangs to Iraqi territories and is proof of the improved capabilities of our armed forces", the Iraqi military said in a statement, using the Arabic acronym for ISIS.

Iraqi F-16 warplanes crossed into Syria to carry out the strikes after coordination with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government, an Iraqi military spokesman said. The actions taken by the trio of world powers will only "give terrorism a new opportunity to expand" after it was defeated in Iraq and mostly overpowered in Syria, the Iraqi Foreign Ministry said in statement.

In a statement, council spokesman Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar said that 815 people had been tried for Daesh links since the terrorist group was driven from the city of Mosul late a year ago.

Cells believed to be linked to Daesh have since mounted scattered attacks in different parts of Iraq.

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Netanyahu said that the attack sends an "important" message of "zero tolerance for the use of unconventional weapons". Senior Israeli security officials have threatened that if Iran strikes at Israel, it will topple Syria's government.

The latest attacks show that IS is still considered a threat to Iraqi security, months after the Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi declared total victory and Raqqa, the Syrian "capital" of IS, fell to Kurdish and American forces.

It's not the progress we expected, but it's the progress we got: The Iraqi military the USA helped create is now dropping bombs on the ISIS terrorists the USA also helped create, in coordination with a homicidal tyrant we just bombed last week.

"If they refuse, the army and supporting forces are ready to launch a military operation to end the presence of the organization in the area", Syrian newspaper al-Watan reported on Thursday.