Jury Has Reached a Verdict on Noor Salman's Involvement in Pulse Shooting

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The widow of the Pulse nightclub gunman walked free on Friday after a jury cleared her of charges related to the 2016 massacre that killed 49 people in Orlando, stunning survivors who had longed to hold someone accountable.

Salman, 31, was found not guilty of aiding and abetting material support to a foreign terror organization and of obstruction of justice.

" Noor could go home now to her child", the representative included, "resume her life as well as attempt to get the items from greater than 2 years behind bars".

Prosecutors said Salman and Mateen scouted out potential targets together - including Disney World's shopping and entertainment complex - and she knew he was buying ammunition for his AR-15 in preparation for a jihadi attack. Family spokeswoman Susan Clary said Salman's family "always thought that Noor was the first victim of Omar Mateen". Prosecutors said it showed she knew about Omar Mateen's attack and did nothing to stop it.

Between this apparent shift in the prosecution's narrative, the Global Positioning System data, and the defense's claim that Salman was the naïve and neglected wife of an unfaithful husband - who had no need or reason to seek her assistance in his crime - the jurors found reasonable doubt about her guilt after just 12 hours of deliberation. Her uncles and aunt also spoke, and said the family is sorry for the family, friends and survivors of the attack.

The 12-member jury reportedly delivered its verdict after deliberating for 12 hours.

Salman's uncle, Al Salman, said, "Happy Friday It's Good Friday".

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It was the second day of deliberations in the Noor Salman trial.

"She doesn't go to the mosque, she searches for Hello Kitty on her website", Swift said in closing arguments.

It's an extremely hard day for the victims of Pulse Nightclub, their families, and everyone affected by the horrific events of June 12, 2016. The jury had been provided with a signed confession that said she helped her husband.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation did not record the interrogation and the defense said she was coerced into making statements. Her lawyers said she had no knowledge and was mentally and physically abused by him.

She also told authorities that a week before the shooting she and Mateen drove around the Pulse nightclub for 20 minutes, according to reports.

Salman's attorneys argued that their client was not an accomplice but a simple-minded victim of her husband's infidelity and lies. They say she will go back to being a mother to her now 5-year-old son. She stood implicated helpful Mateen get ready for as well as intend the 2016 carnage at the club as well as of blocking private investigators' initiatives after the murder.

Offering an especially chilling detail, Ms. Sweeney suggested that Mr. Mateen bought a baby carriage and doll at a Walmart the night before the massacre so that he could hide his AR-15 assault rifle and draw no suspicion as he walked toward what prosecutors believe was his intended target, the Disney Springs shopping and entertainment complex, formerly known as Downtown Disney.