Nintendo to Get a New President in June

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With series such as Fire Emblem, Metroid and Pokémon making their way to the console, it's unlikely that the company will be focusing on the Switch's successor any time soon. For the full fiscal year through next March, profit will climb to 225 billion yen, according to Nintendo's outlook.

Nintendo only expected to sell 10 million Switches, not a bad target, but it kept increasing its forecast as the sales of the console went up and up.

The success of the Switch drives up profits in an incredible jump. Mr. Furukawa, 46, has worked at Nintendo since 1994.

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Taking his place will be Shuntaro Furukawa, who's a good 22 years younger than Kimishima. The device, which popularized the gaming console for the masses, was sold as the Nintendo Entertainment System in the USA and other places.

Nintendo is forecasting higher profits for the current fiscal year ending March 31, 2019.

Bloomberg reports that Furukawa said he hopes to balance Nintendo's traditions of originality and flexibility. "He is fluent in English". There's certainly a youth movement in Kyoto, and I for one look forward to seeing where Furukawa-san leads Nintendo once he takes charge in June. However, that's still below analysts' average estimate for ¥308.6 billion. "He may be the ideal person to fill the communication gap that exists between Nintendo and investors". We also don't know when Mario Kart Tour, the company's next mobile effort, is headed to smartphones. Nintendo expects to sell 100 million in the coming year. The revenue increased 116 percent to 1.06 trillion yen ($9.66 billion). Kimishima assumed the position in July 2015 after Saturo Iwata's untimely passing, and has been shepherding the company through the successful build up towards and launch of Nintendo Switch.