Patton Oswalt Stunned: Credits Late Wife in Golden State Killer Case

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By the next day, authorities identified him as the Golden State Killer, citing DNA evidence, according to the New York Times.

The suspect, Joseph James DeAngelo, who was sacked from the Auburn Police Department, was arrested after a DNA sample came back as a match to the Golden State Killer, Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert said.

On Wednesday, Oswalt also tweeted a picture of his late wife with an emotional message. "The bracelets are on and it feels like this thing that she wanted so badly is now done".

'I knew that would be the case, ' he said, 'somebody on nobody's radar who I never would have found'.

Oswalt told the New York Times that the arrest gave him a odd mix of elation and impending sadness that his wife wasn't there to witness it.

"I mean, it's awesome", Oswalt told Meyers.

Though he was too "neck deep in grief" and dealing with the realities of suddenly becoming a single father to be actively involved, Oswalt says he leaned on her publisher and other collaborators to get the book done.

Patton Oswalt was supposed to talk about his role on NBC's "A.P. Bio" on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" Wednesday, but given the news that earlier in the day police had arrested Joseph James DeAngelo, the suspect in the Golden State Killer case, much of the discussion focused on his late wife Michelle McNamara's book about the case.

Oswalt, Haynes, and another researcher called Billy Jenkins, published I'll Be Gone In The Dark posthumously in February this year, two months before DeAngelo's arrest.

The prescription medication she was taking for the stress and anxiety likely contributed to her death at 46, he said. Oswalt helped complete her half-finished book, which is now optioned for a documentary series on HBO.

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"I'm a rational man, but I can't help but feel this transcends coincidence", collaborator Paul Haynes wrote on Twitter.

During a press conference about the case, police credited DNA evidence and the public's interest in the case for the arrest, but they stopped short of naming Michelle McNamara's book.

Oswalt said he ended the event with a thought about the killer: "He's running out of time".

Two years ago, nearly to the day, crime writer Michelle McNamara was found dead in her Los Angeles home.

But Patton Oswalt is not having it. Oswalt took to social media to credit Michelle McNamara for helping to find justice in the case two years after her death. "Curiosity turned to clawing hunger".

"He was very surprised by that", Jones said. "It happened nearly instantly and he was taken into custody without incident at all".

This is how it ends for you.

Open the door. Show us your face.

For decades, a masked gunman nicknamed the Golden State Killer roamed through communities in California, raping dozens of women in a campaign of terror that left 12 people dead. "Walk into the light".