Ronda Rousey stuns with debut performance at Wrestlemania 34

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For many years, Cena vs Taker was considered a dream match, but many fans thought the moment for it actually happening had past.

The crowd went insane as Rousey finally entered the ring, and she looked incredible with some huge suplexes and a vicious clothesline. However, there was one point where Hunter got knocked to the outside and wasn't really moving to get back in.

Cena made quick work of Elias, and walked off disappointed before the Dead Man finally rose after some shenanigans with his ring gear disappearing in the ring. The heelish power duo took control of things a bit from there, as they eventually set up for a simultaneous Pedigree on Angle and Rousey.

What should not be overlooked, though, is the fact that Rousey was impressive in all aspects of her performance. Angle put Stephanie in the Ankle Lock, Triple H hit Angle with the Pedigree, and then Rousey reversed a powerbomb from Triple H into an armbar.

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Similar to how she has been received during her short tenure in WWE, the WrestleMania crowd reaction to Rousey was overwhelmingly positive, with chants of "Ronda Rousey" and "We want Ronda" breaking out early in the match. Watching from the crowd was UFC president Dana White who was all smiles as he applauded his former fighter's professional wrestling debut.

But when the lights went out on one more time, and the trenchcoat, hat and gloves Taker left in the ring a year ago appeared in the ring, business picked up.

Despite Ronda's athletic pedigree, fans were apprehensive about her competing in her very first wrestling match at Wrestlemania.